BRIXMIS Association AGM 2022

The above AGM will be held on 22 September 2022. Further details will be avaiablenearer the date fromTheSecretary.

BRIXMIS Association AGM 2021 - Minutes

These can be obtained fromTheSecretary.


Sadly this event has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus crisis.


The second half of 2021 will see a number of significant anniversaries:

- the 75thof the Robertson-Malinin Agreement (which set up BRIXMIS)

- the 60thof the erection of the Berlin Wall

- the 30thof the start of the disintegration of Yugoslavia (the 10-day Slovenian war of independence) and the 30thof the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union (26 Dec 1991)

These are all events that deserve to be marked. One way to do this might be to convene a conference (or series of conferences) at which the significance of these events could be addressed in ways that could cast light on the past and which could offer lessons for those faced by similarly challenging geopolitical events in the 21st century.

18th September 2021 will be the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Robertson-Malinin Agreement, which set-up BRIXMIS and SOXMIS. For this reason, from the perspective of the BRIXMIS Association, the ideal timeframe for the proposed conference would seem to be Wednesday 15th- Friday 17th September 2021, with the BRIXMIS Association AGM on Saturday 18th September 2021.

More detailed informationcan be obtained fromTheSecretary.

Missing Members

Whilst membership of the BRIXMIS Association is quite healthy, we have lost contact with quite a few former BRIXMIS personnel and Association Members. A list of them can be viewed here. If you are able to provide contact details for anyone on the list, or any corrections, The Secretary would be pleased to hear from you.

Course Photographs

The BRIXMIS Association holds a copy of every BRIXMIS course photograph since No.3 Int (SD) Course in September 1973. If you would like a copy of your course photograph please let The Secretar
y know, and a scanned copy will be forwarded to you by e-mail.

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